About us

Two young women with crazy dreams.
Yep, that’s us!
Both bonkers for fashion and unique items.
In our minds, the sky is the limit, and dreams are never big enough.
If we can dream it, we can do it.
No obstacle big enough to stop us.
Well, maybe there is one…
Always trying to find the right balance between work and family,
That is exactly why we set up Mysa!

“Getting comfortable and enjoying oneself, especially at home. Being content and cozy.”

After a long day of work, noisy kids, cooking or whatever, every woman wants to cuddle up on the couch and look for hidden treasures online.

Mysa represents one of our dreams…
Clothing in the nicest fabrics, easy to wear and comfortable.
Every piece will make you feel like the fashion queen you are!
The most colorful jewelry that will make you shine like the sun and bring you an instant feeling of happiness…
Surfing our webshop you can imagine yourself taking a stroll down the beach,
dancing your heart out on a Friday night or just sitting behind your desk looking superb!
Let us take you on a journey because…
We never disappoint!
So, we see you in our dream!